Greek Music

Greek Music I am trying out some ethnic instruments to compose a short demo of Greek music. First, the bouzouki is the quintessential Greek instrument, sort of a 6- or  8-string mandolin with a circular […]

Battling “The Boss”

Battling “The Boss” A battle against “the boss” is often an important element of adventure video games. The boss is often portrayed as a supremely powerful, aggressive, scary monstrosity. As the game player, your job […]

Vintage Horror: “The Morgue Party”

Vintage Horror: “The Morgue Party” Jonathan Hawes of One Door Films wrote and directed this vintage horror film. I’ve worked with Jonathan on a number of his films–he is so creative! His stories are so […]

Interactive Music in a Video Game

Interactive Music in a Video Game I’ve been working on music for a few games by the development team “QuestYard“. One of the games is called “BeeFense”, which is a tower defense game, protecting the […]

Picnic: An Allegory

Picnic: An Allegory “Picnic” was filmed 60 years ago in the Bowery in New York City, by Al Brok and Jon Laitin. It is an allegory, about the oppressors and the oppressed. A family has […]

Evolution of a Cue

Evolution of a Cue When composing music cues for a film, the director is the final arbiter for what is and what is not acceptable. He or she will usually suggest a mood, and sometimes […]

“Unseen”: Mental Health and Depression

“Unseen”: Mental Health This short film by filmmaker Bella Glanville is about a young man who is afflicted with depression, and his girlfriend who has an eating disorder. These mental health issues are not always […]

Missing Pieces: In the Spaceship

Missing Pieces: In the Spaceship I composed this piece to be the background for the first scene in the visual novel project, “Missing Pieces”. The first chapter of this video game / visual novel can […]

Dark Rituals

Show Reel: Dark Rituals I composed this show reel in preparation for a dark film requiring deep chants for a dramatic horror scene. What fun! Much of this music is derived from Prometheus, a new […]