Greek Music

Greek Music

I am trying out some ethnic instruments to compose a short demo of Greek music. First, the bouzouki is the quintessential Greek instrument, sort of a 6- or  8-string mandolin with a circular body. It is a member of the lute family.

Next is a Ney Flute, an ancient, end-blown flute that is popular in the Middle East. It is made of cane, and is probably as old as the Egyptian pyramids!

The Duduk is another ancient instrument from Armenia. It is a double-reed instrument (oboes and bassoons are also double-reed instruments) made of apricot wood. Its beautiful mournful tone is quite distinctive.

The other instruments in this piece are a modern upright bass and assorted percussion.

This is a very short piece of music, simply a demo of a typical style of Greek music with a pair of bouzouki’s and the instruments listed above. Enjoy!

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