About Me

Early in life I earned a PhD in “astro-geophysics”, and worked as a research scientist specializing in ocean sciences. I worked in many roles; a researcher, an algorithm developer, a technical writer, a program manager, and as a team leader. I understand how to work with a team, how to communicate, deliver products on time, listen to criticism, and satisfy the customer.

Today, I deliver the same attention in my passion to compose wonderful music. When I was a teenager, I had a wonderful piano teacher. He himself was a jazz pianist. Besides piano, he also taught me about music notation, music theory, arranging, improvising, and composing. Since then, I have composed well over a hundred pieces of music for concerts. I have an extensive music portfolio at “Wonderful Music for Your Extraordinary Story”

In recent years I have been composing music for films, video games and theater productions. I have the experience and tools to help make projects into engaging experiences for the audience. More than just a composer, I am a story-teller; I help directors tell their story with a music score that expresses all of the moods and emotions that are needed. My goal is always to to help bring your vision to life, and help you tell your story, in YOUR way.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Do you want your story to take your audience on an emotional ride through drama, action, thrills, romance, horror, sadness, anger, nostalgia, humor, satire, magic, or surprise?

Do you want your story to stand out from the ordinary?

Do you want your audience to leave the viewing and say, “WOW!” I can work with you to help you tell your story at a whole new level!

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