Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano

Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano is a beautiful, flowing duet in a true modern-day Romantic style. This music will capture your heart and demand an encore! This piece is not a clarinet solo--it is a true duet, with clarinet and piano taking equal turns in the spotlight. Listen to the wonderful performance by Amy Rothstein and Nancy Genovese.

Blessed (for Alto Saxophone and Piano)

Blessed is a piece for alto saxophone and piano. The piece is an experiment--a blend of two different styles, jazz and Jewish. You can hear strains of two traditional Jewish liturgical melodies--the blessing "Baruch atah ..." and "Oseh shalom". The piece is very passionate, and should be lots of fun for both sax player and pianist! This performance was by two wonderful musicians; Susan Alexander on piano and Pamela Mason on saxophone.

Blues Appasionato (for Violin and Piano)

Blues Appassionato is a rambunctious piece intended as a virtuoso concert piece for violin. The MP3 recording is a spectacular performance by violinist Amy Beth Horman and pianist Frank Conlon. What a treat!

Ballade for Trombone and Piano

Ballade for Trombone and Piano is a beautiful, lyrical piece that will melt your heart! It is 10 minutes in duration, and is intended for an intermediate-level (4th-year) trombone player. This piece is suitable for a tenor or bass trombone.

Anticipation (for Clarinet and Piano)

The title Anticipation seems to be appropriate because the ostinato octaves played by the piano remind one of the ticking of a clock. This is a simple piece, and can be played by second-year students.

Evolution in 12-8-4-2

Evolution in 12-8-4-2 is for piano and oboe. The piece is in 12/8 time, and, well, it's for two performers! It starts out in a very agitated state, and becomes smoother as the music plays out. Listen to this beautiful performance (MP3) by Kristy Johnson and Susan Alexander.