Piano Solos


Over the years, I composed several Romances for solo piano. They are soft, colorful pieces, each different from the others.

Romance #1

Romance #2

Melody for a New Age

I did not aim to write the piece in a "New Age" style--it just sort of happened! The structure is a simple theme and variations, with the original theme returning at the end.

Dance of the Sprites, at Daybreak

Dance of the Sprites, at Daybreak is a piano solo in a contemporary style. Full of spicy dissonances and rapidly modulating keys, this piece is designed to keep an audience dazzled. It is intended for an advanced-level musician.

Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands is a soft, slow nocturne for piano. The key modulates all over the place--hence the name!. Listen to the beautiful performance by Jeffery Beaudry..


Reverie is a soft jazz ballad for solo piano. You may hear the ghosts of Gershwin's preludes here. Absolutely exquisite..


Chutzpah is a Hebrew word that means "shameless", or "audacious". I think that in order to play this piano piece, you would need to have lots of chutzpah. This would be a tough piece to play, even for an advanced pianist. But I love its verve, its dissonance, and its driving rhythms!