Rhythm and Variations

Rhythm and Variations is a piece for piano, clarinet and cello. I always think of a title for a piece only after it is fully finished. In this case, the title is a take-off of "Theme and Variations". Here, I introduce a rhythm, and then then follow it up with variations on the rhythm, but not the melody itself. It is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians.

Good Luck

Good Luck is a piece for piano, clarinet and flute. It has a distinctive "feel-good" flavor rather similar to the piano music that accompanies the "Charlie Brown" animated films. It is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians.

Three Dimensions

Three Dimensions is for flute, clarinet and either bass clarinet or bassoon. This is an upbeat piece with a "jazz-and-blues" feel. Each instrument is featured in one of the three movements and requires an advanced skill level for each musician. Each movement has its own distinctive style, but the entire piece has a unity in its jazzy feel. The full piece lasts for about 15 minutes. Each part, though, can be played individually.

Trio for Three (for Clarinet, Flute and Piano)

Trio for Three is a light-hearted, romantic-style piece for flute, clarinet and piano. Yes, I realize that the title is redundant. It is my attempt at a bit of humor.

Away with Words (Clarinet Trio)

Away with Words is a fast-paced, frolicking piece for two clarinets and a bass clarinet. It has three parts, each of which could stand alone to be played individually. The piece has a good amount of syncopation, and Part 3 is mostly in 5/4 time, so it requires a fairly high skill level to perform well.

This Allegro Never Grows Old (piano trio)

This Allegro Never Grows Old is a fast-paced piece for clarinet, cello and piano. I think you can figure out the style; it is hidden in the title of the piece!