Dark Rituals

Show Reel: Dark Rituals

I composed this show reel in preparation for a dark film requiring deep chants for a dramatic horror scene. What fun!

Much of this music is derived from Prometheus, a new sample library by sound designer, Stefano Maccarelli. These samples require careful composition, editing, and mixing, so that they can contribute to a unified, aesthetic musical track. You can’t just plop them into the software; the samples require careful choices, creative awareness, and production skills.

I start the track with a folk guitar loop. This is followed by percussion taken from Maccarelli’s “Cinematic Rhythms”. Then the singing is from the Soft Chants Builder preset. The “Sound Design” preset soon follows.

Next, the twisted-sounding strings come from an entirely different library; they are the “Arrival Strings” from George Strezov’s “Afflatus” strings library. The only other sound is the final percussive crash which comes from Sonuscore’s “Trinity Drums“.

I combined a few clips from Pexels using DaVinci Resolve video editing software. I made sure that the clips follow the music, and tweaked the music a bit to make sure that it was synchronized.

The result is a dark, eerie video that should send goosebumps down your spine.


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