The Sand Knight

The Sand Knight

I am involved now with a couple of video game development groups. One of these groups is developing a game called “The Sand Knight”. You can try playing an early version of the game at The Sand Knight web site.  It is a retro 2D shooting game being built using the Unity game engine.  We hope to have it ready for distribution on the Steam game store by the end of September.

The developers are a group of talented, dedicated people who have a lot of experience in all aspects of game development. They include story-writers, programmers, Unity experts, artists and musicians.

I have the pleasure of being one of the composers. I am being challenged, in a way, to produce music in a retro style, from the 1980’s. So, all of the music I produce for the game uses synthesized sounds, without any realistic organic instruments. I am trying to restrict myself, to limit my virtual instrument samples to those found in old-style synths.

FATEFUL DESTINY: This first track has a highly percussive element. The music has a fateful, mechanized sound. Note that the instruments contain subtle pitch bends and occasionally dives into chorus effects. Also interesting, is the meter, in 6/4 time. This means that if you count the beats, there are 6 beats in each measure. This gives the track an uneven, uneasy feeling to it.

DRUM SPACE: This fast-paced track emphasizes the drums and other percussive instruments. 

DANCE WITH A MECH: This tune is in 4/4 time, and is danceable, isn’t it? About halfway there are some sound effects to give the song more drama.

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