Soul-Searching; for Video Game

Soul Searching; for Video Game

I’ve been composing a lot of music for a series of machinima videos. These videos are animated using the Grand Theft Auto 5 engine. They are being produced by “That Retro Guy” and “Throwback Studios”. They are in the style of the late 1980’s, hence “retro”.

I just finished composing music for the third video in the series. Each video is 8-12 minutes in duration. They have a wide assortment of styles and instrumentation. In this track, electronic instruments start off. A Hollywood choir enters, followed by a solo “soul”-style singer. Then electric guitar and electronic percussion are introduced. This is followed by big Hollywood brass, bringing the track to a big finale.

At some point, the videos will be publicly posted, and I will post them on my web site, as well.
Soul-Searching for Video Game



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