Russian Folk Song: Katyusha

Russian Folk Song: Katyusha

I recently responded to a request for an instrumental Russian folk song. So I searched for an upbeat folk song with a catchy melody. And the one I settled on is titled “Katyusha”. 

I decided that to make the song easily distinguishable as a “Russian” song, is to use a Russian instrument. At first I considered the balalaika, but instead decided on a similar instrument called a “domra”. 

The main difference between a balalaika and a domra is the shape of the body. A balalaika has a triangular body, while a domra has a circular body, like a banjo. Both instruments play both single notes, as well as a tremolo style. So, I used both playing techniques in this song.

Of course, I don’t play a domra, so I used a VST library published by Ilya Efimov. I also included an upright bass and an acoustic guitar for accompaniment.




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