Prime Thickness: Comedy

Prime Thickness

This week I composed a score for a short excerpt from a hilarious film, titled “Prime Thickness”. Filmed by PB Productions, it is about a teen-aged boy who has a thing for older women. Be forewarned–there is a bit of nudity in the video.

In the film’s introduction, the temp music was a very nice song by Whitney Houston. I replaced it with a soulful song about “Love Forever”. I chose the words to contrast with the opening scenes where, for this boy, love lasts a very short while.

The next section with interesting music is a scene with the boy’s parents eating dinner. It starts around 4:40. The boy gets caught up in lie after lie, until his mother simply cannot believe a single word he says. His father is more forgiving. A jazz trio plays during this scene. The piano’s chords become increasingly dissonant as the mother becomes more and more strident. What a hilarious scene!

Prime Thickness from David Rubenstein on Vimeo.

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