Hybrid Music

Hybrid music is generally considered to be a combination of classical and non-classical styles. Here, I combine classical/orchestral instruments and electronically-synthesized instruments. The electronic instruments give the music the feeling of fantasy or science fiction. The orchestral instruments infuse a sense of humanity and beauty. The combination can be electrifying!

Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners is a documentary about contractors in Philadelphia who put profits above safety. The director, Jason Sherman, asked me to compose music in the hybrid style of the movie "Social Media". Here are some selections from the movie.

Limits of Therapy

Limits of Therapy is a fantasy about a woman therapist working with a troubled man on three levels of reality. Each of these tracks is preceded by a 15-second introductory mind-bending sound effect.

Phantom of the Opera

I composed music selections for a theatrical production of the supernatural classic Phantom of the Opera at Synetic Theater. The moods evoked by the story are dark, intense, mysterious, foreboding, and threatening.
The videos here are excerpts from this magical production, presented entirely without dialog!