Vintage Horror Film: "The Morgue Party"

Jonathan Hawes of One Door Films wrote and directed this vintage horror film. I've worked with Jonathan on a number of his films--he is so creative! His stories are so passionate, always quirky, and the British sense of humor pervades his stories!

I call this film "vintage" for a couple of reasons. The story and atmosphere have the feeling of an old movie, in a period of the 1930's or 1940's. The costumes and behavior are definitely from this period. Also, the diegetic music that I composed is in an old-time jazz style. This is emphasized by the use of an old-style phonograph.

The result is a dark, vintage horror story that could send goosebumps down your spine.


Short Horror Film: "Void"

A homeless woman breaks into the house of a recently deceased man looking for food and shelter, but after lighting a candelabra, a series of disturbing events is set into motion.

This film was written and directed in the UK by Stanley Roubaix, superbly acted by Betty Anyika, and edited by my friend Jonathan Hawes. This film has an excellent review at the UK Film Review.

Besides the music, much of my contribution to the film was in the eerie sound effects, beginning around 3:18 and 5:38.


Beauty and the Beast: Transformation and Dance

Several years ago, the fabulous Synetic Theater produced an original version of Beauty and the Beast. This video shows the last two scenes; in the first scene, the beast is transformed back from a beast into a prince. The music is introspective, interplaying male and female voices in a mysterious atmosphere.

Beginning at time 03:17, the second scene ends the production with a dance. The music is a sweeping orchestral waltz. The very end of the scene subsides in a decrescendo, as the lights fade out.

You can read about some of the technical details about the music on my blog post here.

"In the Name of God" recently won a "Best Music" award from the Screen Power Film Festival

Comedy / Horror: "Strings"

Caitlin Richardson of Route 78 Productions, wrote, directed and produced this short comedy/horror film, Strings. In this story, a hard worker is abused by his over-the-top terrible boss. Then he figures out how to take revenge. This is a fun silent film; the soundtrack is solely my music, consisting of piano, violin and bass. This project gave me the opportunity to compose an extremely sarcastic music score--so much fun!

WARNING: This film contains some very graphic visuals, that may be distressing. It also contains flashing strobe visuals that might cause distress. It is not for young audiences.