During the past few weeks I composed a set of relaxing pieces that are suitable for meditation, yoga, mindfulness training, and general relaxation.

“We Look to the Heavens Above” is a slow, soft, sweet piece for quiet relaxation. It is fully synthesized, featuring an electronic keyboard and a pad.

“Cool and Calm” is also slow and soft, but features a different set of instruments. The lead instruments are alto flute and bass clarinet. The background pads are from the Arkhis library. This is a unique type of library that overlays an assortment of different instruments from Orchestra Tools. The presets are all very cinematic-sounding, and are all great for building atmospheric backgrounds.

“Heart Chakra” is an Indian-style piece of music for meditation or contemplation. The music features a sitar and an Indian flute instrument called the bansuri. The word “chakra” literally means “wheel”, and refers to a Hindu concept of the seven energy centers of the body. Heart chakra has to do with our ability to give and receive love.

“A Relaxed State of Mind” is a piece that alternates between a few organic and electronic instruments. In the background, atmospheric ostinato rhythms are from the wonderful Elysion library from Sonuscore.


We Look to the Heavens Above 

Cool and Calm

Heart Chakra

A Relaxed State of Mind


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