Film Score during Credits

Film Score for Credits

I recently finished scoring a documentary film, “Cutting Corners”. This film is produced by Jason Sherman, of Delphia Entertainment. The film is about unscrupulous developers and contractors who demolish and construct buildings. These builders try to save money any way possible, without regard to safety. They have no regard for the consequences of their disasters on neighboring structures, on the people who live there, and on their neighborhoods.

The film score for the entire documentary is in an electronic style. There is plenty of drama in the film, and in the music. However, Jason and I decided that the music during the credits should not be overly dramatic–after all, it’s just a scrolling list of names.

I used the Elysion sample library for much of the score, to generate the obbligatos–they sound really great! In this track, on top of the obbligato I added a brass instrument called a Euphonium. This instrument has a beautiful mellow sound. It is often used in marching bands, when a horn-like instrument is needed. Here, I used the Infinite Brass sample library for the virtual euphonium. Later on in the track, I used a Pianoteq virtual instrument. 

Film Score for Credits


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