Evocative Themes

Evocative Themes

I started scoring a documentary film “Listen to Britain”, in collaboration with Stephen Noorshargh of G22 Studios. This will be a feature-length film about the experiences of immigrants to Great Britain. We have a very short deadline before finishing the film and submitting it to an upcoming film festival. The film score plays a central role, as it underlines the emotions that are evoked by the discussions and the interludes.

Here are the first two introductory music cues for the film. The first cue is a foreshadowing of the tone and content that will follow later in the film. It features a dark undercurrent, with a foreboding tone. The instrument in the foreground is an oud, a Middle Eastern string instrument, as seen in this picture.

The second cue highlights a sad, gentle melody sung by a tenor. The vocal phrases are sung by Daniele D’Andrassi, from the Ethera Gold 2.5 sample library. The accompanying instrument is called a “Cora” (sometimes spelled “Kora”), which is an African harp lute. The samples are from the East-West “Ra” sample library. Here is a picture of the instrument:


Foreboding Theme  


Sad Folk Melody  

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