Dramatic Song

Dramatic Song

I finished composing a music score for the film Confini, which is Italian for Borders. You can view the film on my Films page.

Andreea Albu, Anna Audrien, and Anastasiya Zharkoy produced, and Anna Succol directed this beautiful, tearful film about a young woman with an unwanted pregnancy.

At the end of the film there is a song that I wrote and composed titled My Liberty. In the film, the song is sung a cappella by Gratsiela Yancheva. Originally I composed an orchestral accompaniment. In the film, the a cappella arrangement sounds more powerful, as if the young woman were singing it directly to the audience. Here, the song is presented in its original arrangement, which includes the orchestral accompaniment.

My Liberty: This sad, dramatic song is about basic human rights that are denied, and the hyprocrisy involved when abortion is outlawed.

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