Creepy Western

Creepy Western

This week I composed a couple of cues for an upcoming short film by filmmaker Joe Boyce, titled “Winter Story”. He has a very interesting approach. He has given me a script, but has not done any of the filming yet. He wants most of the music “in the can” before even starting production! He is trying out a technique, where the filming and subsequent editing is fitted to the music, rather than the other way around!

This approach is like that of filmmaker Sergio Leone, who had Italian composer Ennio Morricone compose music for his films, before the films were produced. These films became the so-called “spaghetti Westerns”. The reason for this term, is simply because they were Italian. The scores for these films were exceptional, and helped the films to become world-famous.

Below I have a couple of tracks that we are thinking about using for Boyce’s upcoming film “Winter Story”. The tracks are not final–we are still working on them. They have a “creepy Western” style, somewhat reminiscent of the spaghetti Westerns.

Opening Scene

Suspenseful Prelude


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