Short Film: Cosmo

Short Film: Cosmo

This is the third film I have worked on, with director Jonathan Hawes, of One Door Films. Jonathan has an eye for fun, quirky stories that highlight some aspect of the human experience. It’s always fun to work with Jonathan. His films allow a wide range of emotions and moods, and a diversity in instrumentation and styles. In this film, even though the styles may change, a particular theme is repeated in different moods, to lend coherence to the video. I composed most of the music score, though a piece by Vivaldi is used in a short cue at 8:31. My favorite cue is a soft piano piece at 10:24, somewhat reminiscent of the modal style of Scriabin.

By the way, I have inserted a bit of a musical “joke” in the first cue (0:33) and the extended last cue (11:52). These cues are in the style of Carter Burwell’s score in the film “Barton Fink”. However, I have inserted a bit of a children’s song into it, as the main character has somewhat of a child’s attitude toward his situation.

This story is about a guy who discovers that some creature is planting “presents” in his back yard. Greatly annoyed, he conducts an investigation to learn what type of creature is the villain. Then he confronts the villain’s “owner”. He plans a revenge, but has second thoughts and even a bit of remorse, afterwards. 




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