Fantasy – old

"In the Name of God" recently won a "Best Music" award from the Screen Power Film Festival

Humorous Fairy Tale: "The Shivering Tale"

In The Shivering Tale, a young idiot, Tyler goes on a journey to discover what shivering means. This story is adapted from the Grimm Brother's Fairy Tale, "The Tale of the One Who Travelled to Learn What Shivering Means". I composed the music for this short film, directed by Mason Aks. The music is classically-oriented, and its serious style juxtaposes the hilarious story.

Animated Fantasy: "Ara's Tale"

Ara's Tale is a computer-animated short written/directed by Martin Lubich. His web site is at Martin Lubich was very kind to register his film with Creative Commons, with permission to modify it. He has two versions available; one with a beautiful soundtrack composed by Phillipe Rey, and one with no music, for composers to practice developing music to film. I used the version without music, and added my own original soundtrack.

Distant World

I composed this song for a video game about a visit to another planet, It features two guitars and two women singing a song in some unknown language. Later, percussion and an orchestral ostinato are added.

While composing this song, I thought of some distant, alien world. Two exotic female aliens sing this haunting song in an unknown language. This cue was a lot of fun to compose and produce. For me, composing beautiful melodies is a wonderful experience!

A World Away

I’ve been contributing music to a game development team; we are producing a visual novel. It’s still a way off, but it is a lot of fun putting together all the moving parts.

I composed this 4-minute piece of music, “A World Away” for the game. It has an exotic flavor — the game story takes place on an alien world. I thought about the theme of the video, and came up with the idea of “waterfalls”. So, below you can view the finished product.

Beauty and the Beast: Transformation and Dance

Several years ago, the fabulous Synetic Theater produced an original version of Beauty and the Beast. This video shows the last two scenes; in the first scene, the beast is transformed back from a beast into a prince. The music is introspective, interplaying male and female voices in a mysterious atmosphere.

Beginning at time 03:17, the second scene ends the production with a dance. The music is a sweeping orchestral waltz. The very end of the scene subsides in a decrescendo, as the lights fade out.

You can read about some of the technical details about the music on my blog post here.


Phantom of the Opera

I composed music selections for a theatrical production of the supernatural classic Phantom of the Opera at Synetic Theater. The moods evoked by the story are dark, intense, mysterious, foreboding, and threatening.
The videos here are excerpts from this magical production, presented entirely without dialog!