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Lyrics: "The Power of Music"

Music by David Rubenstein, Words by Thomas Lisle (1709-1767)

MP3 file
performance by Nikita Wells (baritone) and Jeff Jefferson (piano)

Midi file
Sheet Music for tenor in Acrobat PDF format
Sheet Music for baritone in Acrobat PDF format
Sheet Music in Scorch Format (free plugin, high resolution)

When Orpheus went down to the regions below,
Which men are forbidden to see,
He tuned up his lyre as old histories show,
To set his Eurydice free.

All hell was astonished a person so wise
Should rashly endanger his life,
And venture so far but how vast their surprise
When they heard that he came for his wife.

To find out a punishment due to his fault
Old Pluto had puzzled his brain;
But hell had no torments sufficient he thought,
So he gave him his wife back again, back again.

But pity succeeding found place in his heart,
And, pleased with his playing so well,
He took her again in reward of his art;
Such power hath music in hell;
Such power hath music in hell!