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Music for Many Moods
by David Rubenstein

You can download MP3 files by right-clicking on the link, and selecting "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". If you are using a dial-up connection, it can take a half-hour to download a long MP3 file.

Evolution in 12-8-4-2
Sheet Music
Evolution in 12-8-4-2 is for piano and oboe. The piece is in 12/8 time, and, well, it's for two performers! It starts out in a very agitated state, and becomes smoother as the music plays out. Listen to this beautiful performance (MP3) by Kristy Johnson and Susan Alexander.
Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano
Sheet Music
Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano is a beautiful, flowing duet in a true modern-day Romantic style. This music will capture your heart and demand an encore! This piece is not a clarinet solo--it is a true duet, with clarinet and piano taking equal turns in the spotlight. Listen to the wonderful performance by Amy Rothstein and Nancy Genovese.
Blues Appassionato
Sheet Music
Blues Appassionato is a rambunctious piece intended as a virtuoso concert piece for violin. The MP3 recording is a spectacular performance by violinist Amy Beth Horman and pianist Frank Conlon. What a treat!
Sheet Music
Tranquil and serene, another recent piece Visions expresses a pastoral landscape of gentle rolling hills and meadows. Contemporary harmonies constantly shift as a main melodic theme is introduced and transformed again and again. A secondary rhythmic theme also plays a central role. This piece was specially written for oboist, Kristana Johnson and pianist, Susan Alexander. You can listen to their marvelous performance in the MP3 recording.
Blessed Midi
Sheet Music
"Blessed" is a piece for alto saxophone and piano. The piece is an experiment--a blend of two different styles, jazz and Jewish. You can hear strains of two traditional Jewish liturgical melodies--the blessing "Baruch atah ..." and "Oseh shalom". The piece is very passionate, and should be lots of fun for both sax player and pianist!
The MP3 performance was by two wonderful musicians; Susan Alexander on piano and Pamela Mason on saxophone.
Casino Duet Midi MP3
Purchase Sheet Music

Ready for Prime Time Duet Midi MP3
Purchase Sheet Music
Casino Duet and Ready for Prime Time Duet are short, fun pieces for beginner/intermediate-level (2nd year) clarinet and alto saxophone. I also made versions for flute & clarinet, and for flute & alto sax. Casino Duet is a jazzy piece. Ready for Prime Time Duet is a short, rhythmic piece with a nostalgic feeling. Listen to the MP3 files--they are recordings of wonderful performances by husband-and-wife team Galen Tromble and Pamela Mason. You can purchase sheet music for both pieces at Imagine Music Publishing
Double Trouble Midi
Sheet Music
"Double Trouble" is a contemporary-style duet for saxophone and piano. This piece evokes a melancholy, wistful mood. My goal was to compose a piece that could be played without too much trouble by an intermediate-level saxophone student--my daughter!
On a Lark
MP3 (3.6 MB)
sheet music
On a Lark is a duet for flute and piano. I wrote this piece for an advanced-level flautist who wanted to play something original for her solo and ensemble festival.
The MP3 performance was by two wonderful musicians; Amy Rothstein on piano and Michael Bowyer on flute.
Rag Weed
Purchase Sheet Music
Rag Weed is a duet for various combinations of instruments; alto saxophone & clarinet, flute & oboe, flute & clarinet, two flutes, viola & cello, violin & cello, and violin & viola. I called this piece "Rag Weed" because many of the accents occur just before the 1st and 3rd beats, reminiscent of the ragtime style. I originally wrote this piece for my daughter to play on the sax, along with her instructor on clarinet. Listen to the MP3 file--it is a recording of a wonderful performance by husband-and-wife team Galen Tromble and Pamela Mason. You can purchase sheet music for this piece at Imagine Music Publishing
MP3 (5 MB)
Sheet Music
"Anticipation" is a duet for clarinet and piano. The title "Anticipation" seems to be appropriate because the ostinato octaves played by the piano remind one of the ticking of a clock.
Clarinet Quintet
The Pripet Marshes
Sheet Music
The Pripet Marshes is a winner of the 2003 Marmor Composition Award. The purpose of this competition is to encourage the composition of "inventive, and playable" chamber music featuring the clarinet. The Pripet Marshes is a rhapsody for clarinet quintet (clarinet plus string quartet, or for clarinet plus string orchestra). It was inspired by the poem, The Pripet Marshes by Irving Feldman. This haunting poem describes how the narrator might put himself in the shoes of an omnipotent power, and transplant his friends to a Jewish village in the northwest Ukraine during World War II. Each person is a unique character with a human charm and frailties. Then he would snatch the village back to safety before the arrival of the Nazis. While the music does not try to mirror the story--this is not programmatic music--it does try to reflect the mood of the poem. Jewish-style melodies sweep through the piece with a whisper of Klezmer.
Clarinet Trio, Quartet
On a Sunday Afternoon
MP3 (6 MB)
Sheet Music
On a Sunday Afternoon is for clarinet quartet (Eb clarinet, two Bb clarinets, and bass clarinet). I composed this happy piece for a local group of clarinetists.
Away with Words
Midi: Movement I.
Midi: Movement II.
Midi: Movement III.
Sheet Music
Away with Words is for a clarinet trio: two clarinets in Bb and bass clarinet in Bb. The titles of the movements are:
I. Moderato: With a midirected sense of urgency
II. Allegretto: Calmly, with a false sense of security
III. Allegro: Don't let the syncopaths trip you
Each movement is itself in a ternary form. The first movement is in 4/4 time, the second movement switches from 4/4 to 3/4 time and back again, and the third movement is primarily in 5/4 time. All three movements are rhythmic, and at times (especially the third movement) is highly syncopated. In addition, much of the piece is strongly modal. The piece requires a moderately high level of skill to play.
Trombone & Piano
Ballade for Trombone and Piano
MP3 (7 MB)
Purchase Sheet Music
Ballade for Trombone and Piano is a beautiful, lyrical piece that will melt your heart! It is 10 minutes in duration, and is intended for an intermediate-level (4th-year) trombone player.
Long Road Ahead
MP3 (5.6 MB)
Sheet Music
Long Road Ahead is a 5-minute duet for intermediate-level trombone and piano.
MP3 (6 MB)
Sheet Music
Caprice is a 6-minute duet for intermediate-level alto trombone and piano. It has contemporary harmonies, with a jazz-like flavor. Although written for alto trombone, Caprice can also be played by a tenor trombone with no difficulty. Therefore, the sheet music includes parts for both alto and tenor trombones.
The MP3 performance was by two wonderful musicians; Susan Alexander on piano and James Kazik on alto trombone.
Trombone Quartet
Bittersweet Fantasy
Purchase Sheet Music
This piece for trombone quartet is dedicated to Daniel Baldwin, an enthusiastic trombone player who guided me through the literature of contemporary trombone music.
Brass Quintets
Against All Odds
sheet music
Against All Odds is for brass quintet (2 trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba). This is a dramatic--but mostly quiet--piece with a driving rhythm, with contemporary harmonies and lyrical melodies.
Easy Street Midi
mp3 (2.3 MB)
Sheet Music
"Easy Street" is a piece for brass quintet. It starts out as an easy-going march. A short middle section relaxes a bit, and then the march resumes. This piece is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians.
Mixed Wind Ensembles
Sunday Evening in the Snow
for Woodwind Quintet
Sunday Evening in the Snow is an educational piece for woodwind quintet. This piece has an ABA form. The first section starts slowly, and the second section--though not changing in tempo--has a faster rhythm. Full of counterpoint, each instrument gets a chance to shine by playing the melody. It is an old melody I composed as a teen-ager, but revived for this unusual ensemble. Listen to the MP3 recording of the live performance by Shelly Suarez (flute), Gina Ebhardt (clarinet), David LaMay (clarinet), Laura Siberts (oboe), and Steve Rennings (bassoon).

Spirit and Spice
for Woodwind Quintet
Spirit and Spice is an upbeat, modern piece for woodwind quintet. It is a lot of fun for performers and audience, alike! The jazzy feel uses lots of contemporary harmonies and rhythms. Much of the piece has a big-band feeling. The melody gets handed off to each instrument, allowing each instruments a chance to shine. Listen to the marvelous performance by the Ensemble a la Carte quintet, in the MP3 recording.
Tea for Five
Woodwind Quintet
Tea for Five is a contemporary classical-style piece for woodwind quintet. It is filled with catchy rhythms, counterpoint, and pleasant melodies. Writing it was quite a challenge. The reason is that it was my first composition for multiple woodwinds. Before this, I usually started the composition process with an interesting harmonic progression and a catchy rhythm, using a pad or multi-voice (piano, guitar) instrument and taking off from there. In this piece, I could not use this approach at all, because each instrument can only play a single note at a time. I don't have a section of strings playing full-bodied chords, or a piano playing chords with a fun rhythm. As a result, the counterpoint aspect is much stronger than usual.
Quartet Fusion
Sheet Music
Quartet Fusion is for trumpet, alto trombone, bass clarinet and bassoon. My friend Daniel Baldwin requested a new composition for his unusual ensemble. With lots of syncopation and nervous energy, this piece gives each of the instrumentalists a turn to take center stage.
Three Dimensions
(Sheet Music)
1) Bassoon Blues Midi, MP3 (4 MB)
2) Flute Flourish Midi, MP3 (4 MB)
3) Clarinet Collage Midi, MP3 (4 MB)
Three Dimensions is for flute, clarinet and bassoon. This is an upbeat piece with a "jazz-and-blues" feel. Each instrument is featured in one of the three movements. The full piece lasts for about 15 minutes.
A Summer Song Midi
Sheet Music
A Summer Song is for flute, clarinet and bassoon. This is a contemporary, light-hearted piece, full of counterpoint. Each instrument is equal in importance, getting a chance to share in the main melodies.
Piano Solos
Shifting Sands
Sheet Music
Shifting Sands is a soft, slow nocturne for piano. The key modulates all over the place--hence the name!. Listen to the beautiful performance by Jeffery Beaudry.
Dance of the Sprites, at Daybreak
Sheet Music in Scorch Format
Sheet Music in PDF Format
Dance of the Sprites, at Daybreak is a piano solo in a contemporary style. Full of spicy dissonances and rapidly modulating keys, this piece is designed to keep an audience dazzled, but should not be very difficult to play. Play the MP3 file, to hear the dazzling performance by Jeffery Beaudry!
Melody for a New Age
Sheet Music in Scorch Format
Sheet Music in PDF Format
I did not aim to write the piece in a "New Age" style--it just sort of happened! The structure is a simple theme and variations, with the original theme returning at the end. The MP3 file contains a wonderful performance by Susan Alexander.
Romance Number 1 Midi
MP3 (3.4 MB)
Sheet Music
This flowing nocturne is reminiscent of piano music from the romantic period. It is sure to invoke an image of beauty and passion. The MP3 file contains a wonderful performance by Susan Alexander. For the performer, this piece gives a good workout to the left hand, while the right hand part is fairly simple. If you enjoy this piece, please send me a note!
Romance Number 3 Midi
MP3 (2.5 MB)
Sheet Music
This tranquil waltz is in the style of the Gymnopedies by Eric Satie.
Reverie Midi
MP3 (3.4 MB)
Sheet Music
"Reverie" is a soft jazz ballad for solo piano. Absolutely exquisite.
Chutzpa Midi
Sheet Music
"Chutzpa" is a contemporary classical-style piano solo. The music is brassy and irreverent, its melodies gyrate as its sassy rhythms gallop in full chase.

April Foolishness
Sheet Music

Rondo Jubilee
These classical-style pieces were written in response to La Musique Petite Challenge . April Foolishness was my entry for the April, 1998 challenge to write a piece in the style of a favorite composer. This piano solo is in the style of Prokofiev.
Rondo Jubilee was my entry for the March, 1998 challenge to write a piece in the rondo form.
Project Beethoven "Project Beethoven" is an experimental solo piano piece. It is in the "Theme and Variations" form. It was written in response to the challenge to compose a piece, without listening to it during the compositional process, that is, to pretend one is deaf!
Saxophone Quartets
A Day at the Park Midi
MP3 (4.1 MB)
Sheet Music
"A Day at the Park" is an animated piece for saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone). Imagine a day when there are no cares or worries, just a picnic in the park with some games, relaxation, a paddle-boat ride, a barbecue, and some good music.
Fugue for Thought "Fugue for Thought" is a lively piece for saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone). It is very imitative in structure, and at times there are multiple melodies being played in imitative counterpoint.
Piano Trio, Quartet, Quintet
Sheet Music
Impulse, is for viola, cello and piano. Each of the instruments is given equal prominence. The music is filled with contemporary harmonies and striking, sometimes quirky rhythms.
Good Luck!
MP3 (4.5 MB)
Sheet Music
"Good Luck" is a piece for piano, clarinet and flute. It has a distinctive "feel-good" flavor rather similar to the piano music that accompanies the "Charlie Brown" animated films. It is intended to be played by intermediate-level amateur musicians.
Scalawag Takes a Catnap
MP3 (5 MB)
Sheet Music
"Scalawag Takes a Catnap" is a piece for piano quintet (piano, two violins, viola, and cello). A scalawag is a mischief-maker. This piece mirrors the scheming and conniving that a scalawag uses to cause all sorts of trouble. But even trouble-makers need to take a rest once in a while. During those brief moments, the world seems to take a deep sigh of relief. But in truth, the scalawag simply uses his brief rest to think up new plots and when he wakes up, look out!
Summer Day Dreams
"Summer Day Dreams" is a contemporary-style chamber music piece for cello, clarinet, French horn and piano. I wrote it in response to the "Contrasts" topic of the May, 1999 La Musique Petite Challenge. This piece is really meant to be performed by live musicians, rather than by electronic means. I hope that it will be performed in the near future. It should not be a very challenging piece for even amateur musicians to play. Most of the interest in this piece springs from poly-rhythms, mild dissonances, and contrasting textures and moods.
Vocal Music
The Song I Never Wrote Barbara Kupferberg wrote the powerful lyrics for The Song I Never Wrote, and then I set the poem to music. The song was written specially for a father (tenor) and daughter (soprano) duo, with piano accompaniment. Gordon Roesler and E. Hope Price, a real father-and-daughter team, with Amy Rothstein gave a wonderful performance. You can hear an MP3 recording, view and print the sheet music, and read the lyrics.
The Song I Never Wrote Barbara Kupferberg wrote the powerful lyrics for The Song I Never Wrote, and then I set the poem to music. The song was written specially for a father (tenor) and daughter (soprano) duo, with piano accompaniment. Gordon Roesler and E. Hope Price, a real father-and-daughter team, with Amy Rothstein gave a wonderful performance. You can hear an MP3 recording, view and print the sheet music, and read the lyrics.
Three Leaves on the Wind Three Leaves on the Wind is a collection of three songs; A New Day, Windsong, and Flames. Barbara Kupferberg wrote the beautiful lyrics, and I wrote the music specially for the Windsong ensemble; Harlie Sponaugle, soprano; Michael Bowyer, flute; Nancy Genovese, clarinet, and Amy Rothstein, piano. You can hear their wonderful performance, view and print the sheet music, and read the lyrics.
Love Songs of Yehuda Halevi
Lyrics, Sheet Music, Recording
Love Songs of Yehuda Halevi, for alto and woodwind quintet. Yehuda Halevi was a physician who lived 900 years ago in Spain, who wrote many poems in both Hebrew and Arabic, on a wide range of subjects. His poems are beautiful, and I have tried to capture their exotic qualities in a Ladino style of melodic composition. You must hear this fantastic performance!

Elusive Muse
Sheet Music
Elusive Muse is for soprano, flute and clarinet. Scott Emmons writes wonderful, humorous poems, and he wrote the words to this song. It is about Harry, a talented baker who has run into a problem--he has "Baker's Block." The melody line is a bit jazzy, and the harmonies and rhythms are contemporary. Lots of fun! Be sure to listen to the MP3 file; it is a great performance by Harlie Sponaugle (soprano), Nancy Genovese (clarinet), and Michael Bowyer (flute).

Voyage to a New Land
MP3 (7.6 MB)
Voyage to a New Land is written both for mixed chorus (SATB) and for a two-part women's chorus (SA) and piano accompaniment. Here you can read the lyrics, listen to a Midi file rendition, and print out the score in PDF format. This piece was written in collaboration with British lyricist Simon Read. This piece is an epic drama, and lasts about 11 minutes in duration.

Make sure to listen to the MP3 file, which is a recording of a great performance by the Collegium Musicum of the Friday Morning Music Club Chorale! Here is a list of performers: Thomas Meier, director; Christine Wells, accompanist; Cherrie Anderson, Kathleen Meier, Philippa Shepherd, Christine Wells (sopranos); Leah Baum, Joyce Korvick, B.J. Stone (altos); Mathew Blum, Thomas Meier, Geoffrey Shepherd (tenors); Peter Baum, Ned Dearborn, William Van Stone, John Weiner (basses).
Jeanne La Pucelle Written in collaboration with Brent Swarthout, Jeanne La Pucelle is a dramatic opera-style trio for soprano, tenor, and baritone, accompanied by piano. Here you can read the lyrics, download an MP3 of a performance, and view and print the sheet music. The song is an overview of the life of Joan of Arc, as seen by Joan (soprano), the king of France (tenor) and a prosecutor (baritone).
The Power of Music What a devilish song! My song The Power of Music is for tenor accompanied by piano. Here you can read the lyrics, listen to a Midi rendition, download an MP3 of a performance, and view and print the sheet music. Based on an old poem by Thomas Lisle, the lyrics retell the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. But wait! The story is practically turned upside down in this humorous version.
I Have a Friend I Have a Friend is a song written with Canadian playwright/lyricist David Runions. Here you can read the lyrics, listen to a Midi file rendition, and print out the score in PDF format. The song is for a three-part children's chorus. (The third part is for changing voices, and is optional.) Written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it tries to give reassurance to children that, in times of trouble, they are not alone. However, this is not a patriotic song, and should be appropriate for children of any nation.
Music, Heavenly Maid
Sheet Music
"Music, Heavenly Maid" is a piece for 4-part chorus (SATB) and chamber orchestra. It has a jazzy/western flair. The humorous lyrics and parallels in the instrumentals make this a joyful, playful song.
Lamentations of Jeremiah
Sheet Music
"Lamentations of Jeremiah" is a piece for a cappella choir (SATB). For its text, it uses the first nine verses of the original Hebrew from the book of Lamentations. It uses Haftorah Cantillation as the source for some of its thematic material, and is very modal in nature. I must admit that in midi, voices do not sound very good; midi is only suggestive of what the piece may sound like, when sung by a live choir.
Stage & Concert Bands
sheet music
Afterglow is for a big band jazz ensemble. I wrote this piece specially for the jazz lab at Richard Montgomery High School, directed by David Mead. Careful attention is paid to avoid high notes that may be out of range for average students. Solos are completely written out, so that performers do not need to improvise. Besides the standard 17-piece instrumentation, there are parts for flute, clarinet and violin. Also, a part for French horn doubles the 3rd trombone, in case a French horn is available, and there are too few trombones. The sheet music link above allows you to print out the entire score and all of the parts.
Miracle of Eight Days This piece for concert band is a medley of Channukah themes, with a klezmer twist. At first, the themes are played in a minor mode, and are just barely recognizable. Then the piece switches to a major key, and the themes are repeated with an upswing in mood.
America the Beautiful Midi This is a concert band arrangement of America the Beautiful. I arranged it specially for a small community wind band, for my friend Daniel Baldwin. You can purchase the score and parts from my publisher, Imagine Music Publishing.
Folk Tunes
sheet music

The Queen of Halloween
sheet music

One-Ring Circus
MP3 (3.5 MB)
sheet music

March of the Technocrats
sheet music
These four pieces were composed for the InterPLAY Company at Strathmore, a band for people with and without cognitive disabilities. Paula Moore directs this unique ensemble, and the entire experience is incredible! The ensemble plays a wide repertoire of music including classical, jazz, Broadway, folk, and light. All band members learn to play professional percussion, tonal instruments, and a collection of folk instruments from around the world.

Folk Tunes is an educational piece for flute, violin, piano and tuba. It's a fun piece, with some snippets of real folk tunes, and some made-up tunes, too.

The Queen of Halloween: A fun, slightly quirky piece with a spooky flavor. The exact combination of instruments is not essential, as many of the parts are doubled.

One-Ring Circus: Listen to this piece, close your eyes, and you can imagine a circus act being performed right in front of you! The most important instruments are piano, percussion, bass, and a couple of melodic instruments. It does not require that every instrument included in the score must be present to perform it. For simplicity, the melody line is usually doubled by several instruments, making it easy-to-play even for a band of mixed skill levels. The MP3 format is most highly recommended!

March of the Technocrats features piano, flute, clarinet, violin, trumpet and trombone, playing with a large percussion ensemble.
Flute Quartet
Mysterious Dream
MP3 (5 MB)
Sheet Music
"Mysterious Dream" is for flute quartet or flute choir. A mysterious, ethereal atmosphere invites one to an icy surreal world.
Herndon--A Town in the Old Dominion
Sheet Music
Narration text
I composed Herndon--A Town in the Old Dominion specially for the Town of Herndon Orchestra. I wrote a narration to go along with it, about the history of the town and its attractions.
September in High Country
MP3 (8.5 MB)
Purchase Sheet Music
I originally composed the orchestral piece September in High Country for a video produced in collaboration with Paul Silverman. The video is a montage of pictures taken in the Rocky Mountains. Listen to the music, and visualize the gorgeous scenery! A low-resolution version of the video can be seen at the site. Later I scored the piece for a full orchestra. You can purchase the sheet music from Imagine Music Publishing.
Tempest in a Teapot
Sheet Music
MP3 (6 MB)
I wrote Tempest in a Teapot specially for the instrumentation in the Town of Herndon Orchestra. The piece has some syncopation, jazzy melodies and harmonies. It has strong parts for the flute and trumpet sections.
Jovial Pursuit
Sheet Music

2nd Place
"Jovial Pursuit" is a contemporary-style piece for chamber orchestra. It's lots of fun! I originally composed it in response to the "Something Substantial" topic of the June, 1999 La Musique Petite Challenge. I later arranged it for a small orchestra in 2002.
This piece tied for second place in the Midi Studio Consortium's August, 1999 Midi Showcase.
Cycle of Life midi
mp3 (6.1 MB)
Sheet Music
"Cycle of Life" is a piece for String Orchestra, Solo Violin, and Organ. The music is a metaphor for the chain of life, from one generation to the next. Death is a tragedy. Memories live on.
Cold Starry Night midi
mp3 (6.2 MB)
Sheet Music

1st Place, TOS Music Theme
"Cold Starry Night" is a classical-style symphonic tone poem. It is program music, based on the painting "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. This piece evokes a shimmering sky of infinite depth. A confusing array of counter-themes mimic a paradox; the heavens are enchanting, yet can seem cold and sterile, and even sinister.
I tweaked the Midi file to sound good, but the orchestration is quite full, and is really intended for a live orchestra.
This piece won first place in the September, 1999 TOS "Starry Night" music theme contest.
Prelude #1 Midi
MP3 (1 MB)
Prelude #2 Midi
MP3 (1 MB)
"Preludes #1 and #2" are two very short orchestral sketches. I composed these light-hearted pieces to accompany animations on an educational CD-ROM.
Film Scores & Multimedia
Spies in Crinoline
Film Opening (MP3)
Homelife in the Ford house (MP3)
Christmas dinner (MP3)
Scene in Laura Ratcliffe's home (MP3)
Traveling music (MP3)
Antonia in prison (MP3)
Romance (MP3)
Battle scene (MP3)
Emergency (MP3)
Antonia's wedding (MP3)
Birth and death of a child (MP3)
Closing and Credits (MP3)
This is the soundtrack to the feature-length "docu-drama" film, Spies in Crinoline. This is a true story of two women, Antonia Ford and Laura Ratcliffe, who spied for the South during the Civil War. It is also an interesting romance, as Antonia Ford married Joseph Willard, a Union Major, during the war. You can view the trailer and order a DVD. I composed many cues for the film, some of which are listed here.
The Battle of Chantilly
Finale (MP3)
Banjo & Fiddle (MP3)
Skirmish (MP3)
Fighting (MP3)
Grim Aftermath (MP3)
Monument (MP3)
On March 4, 2006 the premiere of the film The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) was shown at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia. It was a sell-out! And I wrote the film score! You can listen to the MP3 excerpts from the soundtrack:
Finale accompanies the unveiling of the memorials, and credits roll.
Banjo & Fiddle: Stevens and Walcott get their bearings as they revisit the battlefield.
Skirmish accompanies the New York Highlanders who begin a skirmish, then the scene cuts to a large line-up of troops. Confederate troops wait and open up fire.
Heavy Fighting continues, including hand-to-hand combat.
A Grim Aftermath is accompanied by guitar.
Monument: After dinner with Stevens and Walcott, John and Mary Ballard discuss building a monument.

DVD's of the movie are available from BLM Productions.
The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) is a compelling, historical documentary. A must see for anyone who lives in Fairfax County.--Lynne Garvey Wark, Chairperson, Fairfax County History Commission.

The movie shows the violence of the war and how it affected the men who fought at Chantilly (Ox Hill),--Don Hakenson, author of This Forgotten Land.
Canyons and Casinos
mp3 (19 MB)
A couple of years ago I composed a score to go along with a video named Canyons and Casinos, The video was produced by Paul Silverman, and was broadcast on the Montgomery Community Television station. With my revamped web site, I can finally offer the MP3 as a download. The video features scenes from the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. During the first part, a sweeping orchestral score accompanies beautiful scenes from the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. Then, as the scene changes to Las Vegas, the musical themes are transformed into combo jazz and Big-Band jazz. Toward the end, the scenery returns to the desert, with an orchestral finale. Highly recommended! You can view a low-resolution version of the video at the site
Of Mice and Men:
Curtain Call
mp3 (5 MB)
"Of Mice and Men: Curtain Call" is a fun, fast-paced trip, with styles ranging through orchestral, jazz, big-band, bluegrass and blues. It is one of many compositions written specially for a production of Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" at Silver Spring Stage, in collaboration with composer Ron Dicus.
Marisa's Theme
MP3 (2 MB)
Marisa's Theme is a two-minute jazz piece specially written for figure skating competitions, for my niece, Marisa.
Percussion Ensemble
Swampland Midi
Sheet Music
Only percussion instruments are used in these driving pieces.
Swampland: sounds envelop the swamp.
Marshland: A jazzy, toe-tapping rhythm.
Marimba Solo
Out from Bondage: A Passover Medley for Marimba
sheet music
Out from Bondage: A Passover Medley for Marimba is a medley of some of the best-known songs from the Passover Haggadah. Listen carefully to hear how the melodies are woven together. Often there are two melodies being played in counterpoint--quite interesting for a solo instrument.
Midi Compositions
Dragon Hunt Suite

sheet music

The Hunt
sheet music

Dragon Hunt Suite was originally written to accompany a fantasy role-playing game being programmed by Thomas Ansorge, called Dragon Hunt. There are six sections: Setting Out, Mystery, East, The Hunt, Lost, and Victory.

Recently I scored three of the sections, Mystery, The Hunt, and East for a small jazz-style ensemble. I arranged these specially for the "spooky Halloween-theme" concert on November 3, 2002 by the Mighty Special Music Makers. This unique ensemble, conducted by Paula Moore, consists of disabled and non-disabled musicians. The ensemble plays a wide repertoire of music including classical, jazz, Broadway, folk, and light. All band members learn to play professional percussion, tonal instruments, and a collection of folk instruments from around the world.

Mystery is scored for flute, clarinet, alto sax, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, cello, bass guitar, banjo, and two synthesizers. (Many of these instruments are optional.) The Hunt is scored for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, drum kit, tom-toms, vibraphone (or synthesizer), a second synthesizer, violin, cello, and string bass.
Midi Rebirth
(4.1MB) Rebirth
"Rebirth" is a fast-paced contemporary-style piece for piano and orchestra. Before starting to compose it, I mapped out the entire structure from beginning to end. Well, I got about halfway through, before new ideas started to come up, and the rest of the plan fell by the wayside. The idea for this piece was inspired by the September, 1999 challenge of the month "Catharsis" at La Musique Petite Challenge.
Calculus of Variations
"Calculus of Variations" is a classical-style piece written for a small orchestra (strings, woodwinds, and small percussion section). It is my first piece in the "Theme and Variations" form. It was written in response to the April, 1999 topic of La Musique Petite Challenge .
Midi Troublemaker
2nd Place
"Troublemaker" is a classical-style piece written for piano and full orchestra. It includes some experimentation I've been doing in orchestration techniques. This piece is for the most part fast and furious, and somewhat dissonant. Occasionally the music pretends to "be nice", but don't get lulled into a false sense of security--this troublemaker is for real!
This piece tied for second place in the Midi Studio Consortium's April, 1999 Midi Showcase.
If you don't have much time, listen to the midi file. If you'd like to hear how the music sounds on my system, take the time to download the MP3 file--you won't be disappointed!
Time and Again
"Time and Again" is a classical-style piece written in 15/8 time=(3+4+4+4)/8 time. It is a challenge to write music in an unusual meter, and to make the rhythm sound natural. Sometimes it is best simply to accentuate the peculiarity of the meter.
Dance of the Sprites, at Twilight "Dance of the Sprites, at Twilight" is a classical-style piece for chamber orchestra. It was written for the February topic of La Musique Petite Challenge, "Time to Dance". When I composed this piece, I imagined a meadow at twilight. Sprites (impish fairies) were dancing to the music of a motley group of musicians, and everyone is having a grand time.
Thank You
for Not Laughing
"Thank You for Not Laughing" is a jazzy piece for piano, percussion section and orchestra. It was written for the January topic of La Musique Petite Challenge , "Music with Humor". It is somewhat more dissonant than my usual style. I composed it in reverse order from my usual method. I wrote all of the percussion parts first, then accompaniments, and finally the melodies. My hope is that this reversal of order would bring out a different character in the finished music.
Sea of Tranquility
Part 1 midi
Part 2 midi
Part 3 midi
Part 4 midi
Part 1 MP3
Part 2 MP3
Part 3 MP3
Part 4 MP3
This is a 4-part musical piece, Sea of Tranquility. It was composed in order to accompany a CD-ROM on the subject of aquaria. Listening to this music, one conjures visions of a pristine sea of shimmering beauty. The color of the sea changes as the day progresses, as clouds pass by, as the sunlight reflects from the surface at different angles. When the wind is calm, one can see into the water with amazing clarity. This piece won the 1998 "Song of the Year" award at the Electronic Music Forum.
Circus Follies
Sheet Music
A fast, upbeat tune for a circus or carnival. For piano, marimba or xylophone, and trombone.
Century Anxiety


March of the Bureaucrats
MP3 (3.8 MB)

Stranded in Life

Desert Air

Vast Prairie

The Castle in the Sky

Dark Visions

Remembrance of
Things Future
Finally--Cycle of Dark Prophecies is finished! It is intended to accompany a new Role-Playing Game called "Dark Prophecy". Many of the melodic themes recur throughout the cycle, to help give a sense of unity to the entire structure.
Twenty-first Century Anxiety: Major changes and massive upheavals are certain to occur during the 21st century.
Disbelief: Sometimes you learn of something that is frighteningly unexpected, and you simply cannot force yourself to face up to it.
March of the Bureaucrats: We need them, but we fear their dispassionate isolation. If you have an SB-Live! sound card without special sound fonts, or if you have a sound card that lacks good bass sounds from the piano and timpani then choose #1. Otherwise, choose #2.
Stranded in Life: Sometimes you may feel alone, while life passes you by.
Desert Air: The desert takes on different personalities at different times, depending on the season, the time of day, and one's state of mind.
Vast Prairie: The prairie seems to stretch out forever, and at twilight, one's loneliness can be overpowering.
The Castle in the Sky:A floating castle is magical, majestic and foreboding. By the way, a concert band arrangement of this piece has been published! The publisher is: Rogelton: Wind Band Music Publisher. At this site you can view and listen to the score, using the free Sibelius "Scorch" plugin.
Dark Visions: One looks through a murky fog, to see the future.
Remembrance of Things Future: Perhaps "deja vu" is a just a weak version of a true prophetic vision.
Devil's Delight:
MP3 (2 MB)
This piece is a departure from my usual style. It's a jazz tune, with a twangy guitar and a softer jazz guitar.
Prophetic Suite
Day of Reckoning
Run from the Future
This is a suite containing 6 short movements: Voices from Afar, Pastoral, Day of Reckoning, Trio, Mystical Encounter, Run from the Future.
Each of the movements is in a totally different style (and a number of different time signatures--3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 7/4) but they all have one or two themes in common. This piece was originally written for a role-playing game that is being produced by Thomas Lisson called "Mongar's Prophecy."
Strange Attraction
MP3 (3.6 MB)
This is a soft jazz ballad. The style is quite unlike the others on this page. I put a lot of effort into making a realistic performance.
The Enemy Within
This orchestral piece reflects an inner battle with one's own enemy. Choose version #1 if you have an AWE-32/64 sound card with no added sound fonts. Choose version #2 if you have a good GM sound font (such as an EMU font) or if you have any other model sound card.
Lightning Strikes Supernatural events create an aura of wonder and suspense. Ordinary people struggle to cope with the difficulties, psychological aspects, as well as the horrors of unearthly phenomena. This piece was written to be the theme song for the Lightning Strikes web site. 
Sneak Up From Behind


Behind Two Doors:
MP3 (3 MB)

March of the Conures
These pieces were also written for the Lightning Strikes web site. Sneak Up From Behind: Imagine someone or something slowly approaching you from behind. Idyll: A romantic fable. Behind Two Doors: In the story The Lady and the Tiger, behind one door was a lady, and behind the other door . . .
Who could imagine a panoply of colorful conures marching in a parade? March of the Conures is pompous, bombastic -- but why not?
Schools of Fishies
in the Deep
Descend into the sea, and swim through the murky waters. Wander among the different schools of fish darting in different directions, as if in counterpoint to each other, through a somber chamber of other-worldly beauty.
Between Two Worlds Two worlds, one of action and one of thought, competing for one's attention. 
Balancing Act A balancing act is attempted on different levels. It is written in 5/4 time, and phrases are arranged in groups of 5 measures. 
Slow Motion A dream where everything seems to happen in slow motion.
Walking the Dogs This is what it is like to walk three dogs at the same time. Can you hear the separate personality of each of them? At the beginning, their personalities are quite distinct. As the walk progresses, their personalities gradually merge, as they become attuned to the pace and a common goal.
Over-Currents Background chords are played while simultaneously a different set of chords flow in cascading arpeggios. 
A Soft Prayer Every prayer deserves an answer. 

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