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Special Links

Composers' Society of Montgomery County: If you live in the Washington, DC area, and you are a composer, a musician, or just interested in new original music, check out this site. Includes a list of upcoming concerts and projects, and opportunities for performing musicians and composers.

Piano Player World and Drums Player World are two very well-thought-out web sites for learning how to play the piano and drums. The sites include lots of free lessons, insights and tips for both beginners and advanced players.

Sound Effects for use in creative audio-visual projects including YouTube, TV, Film, Websites, PowerPoint, Animations, All Media. This is a wonderful site with lots of good-quality music and sound-effect files.

Imagine Music publishes a very nice collection of music, including a number of my compositions.

SibeliusMusic: The largest collection of new scores on the web. Go here for original compositions and arrangements. Many of the 20,000 scores are free. Listen to and view the sheet music, and print them online using the free "Scorch" browser plugin. Sheet Music Directory: A wonderful site--very well organized. Here you can find thousands of free music scores, hundreds of links to sites for sheet music, and much much more. Highly recommended!

Masatoshi Mitsumoto: Composer/Conductor: A wonderful composer! His musical works are sublime. Read his biography--quite interesting.

Richard Martin's Original Midi Files: This web site contains some truly original midi files. The music covers a wide variety of styles, and most every piece in this collection leaps out with a very fresh, contemporary feel. My favorite is #35. Contempt (Full Version). But don't miss The Butterfly Dances, which are just great.

Rogelton: Wind Band Music Publisher: If you are looking for a good set of arrangements for concert/symphonic/wind band, look no further! Among other music, here you can find my original composition Castle in the Sky arranged for a concert band. At this site you can view and listen to the score, using the unique Sibelius "Scorch" plugin.

Cadenza Midi Diary: A collection of original midi compositions and improvisations. Some are of an experimental nature. A new one is added every day.

All Free Things is a large directory of things that are free. You will find an amazing variety of free things here--have fun and explore!