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Original Music Compositions
by David Rubenstein

Welcome! Kick off your shoes, lean back, and enjoy some of my Original Compositions in Midi, MP3, and Sheet Music formats. Many of the scores are offered in Scorch format, and are mostly free. You will find a lot of music for piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, and trombone, as well as for vocal groups, and larger instrument ensembles and orchestras.

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My most recent piece is Trio for Three. It is a light-hearted, romantic-style piece for flute, clarinet and piano. You can listen to a synthesized rendition, and print out the sheet music.

Another recent piece is Chromatic Aberrations. It is a slow, romantic-style piece for oboe and piano. You can listen to an MP3 recording of a beautiful performance by Alison Lowell and Amy Rothstein, and print out the sheet music.

Another recent piece is Thank You for Not Laughing. I wrote it specially for the InterPlay Company at Strathmore, a band for people with and without cognitive disabilities: Golden Eagle, Warm Night is a slow, tranquil piece in a Native American style, for piano, clarinet, flute, and timpani. Cowboys Will be Cowboys is a simple, tranquil piece for an ensemble of instruments. Bon Rien is Cajun slang, meaning "a good-for-nothing guy." This song is composed in a Cajun style, meaning it's fast, upbeat and staccato, and consists mostly of 2 chords. The score has parts for: Flute, Accordion, Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Percussion, Piano, Timpani, Trumpet in Bb, Violin, and Cello. You certainly do not need all these instruments to perform the song; The bare necessity is accordion, violin, bass (or piano) and drums. Lots of fun! You can listen to a synthesized MP3 recording, and, you can view/listen/print the score and parts in sheet music format.

Romance Number 2 is a piano solo that I recently wrote. Jeffery Beaudry gave a marvelous performance. You can download the score in PDF format.

Another recent piece is Tale of Three Deities. Barbara Kupferberg wrote the wonderful lyrics, and I wrote the music for soprano, piano, clarinet and flute. Listen to this marvelous performance by Harlie Sponaugle, soprano; Amy Rothstein, piano; Michael Bowyer, flute; Nancy Genovese, clarinet. Also, you can read the lyrics and download the scores.

A new soundtrack! Here is the trailer to the documentary film, Mosby's Combat Operations in Fairfax County, Virginia. Six local historians (Eric Buckland, Tom Evans, Don Hakenson, Chuck Mauro, Stevan Meserve and Mayo Stuntz) take you to locations in Fairfax County, where they document the vivid history of Mosby's Raiders. John Singleton Mosby, a colonel in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, was known as "the Gray Ghost". He was the father of modern guerilla warfare, and perhaps the single most successful guerilla fighter in American history. The documentary premiered at the Cinema Arts Theater in Fairfax, Virginia. Listen to a few of the tracks:
Opening Scene
Thompson's Corner Raid
Ranger Jack Barnes
Michigan Cavalry Raid
Gooding's Tavern, and Mosby Wounded
Fairfax Station Fight
Charlie Binns
Cemetery, Closing and Credits

Another recent piece is Gimme Five, for piano and oboe. The piece is of course, in 5/4 time; the title is a play on the title of Dave Brubeck's famous piece Take Five. Listen to the beautiful performance in MP3 recorded format by Kristy Johnson and Susan Alexander. Here are the scores for oboe and piano, in PDF format.

Another recent piece is Southwest Splendor, a soundtrack to a video that I co-produced with Paul Silverman. Listen to the MP3, or see magnificent vistas in the American Southwest in the video below.

Southwest Splendor from Paul Silverman on Vimeo.

Get Scorch With the free downloadable "Scorch" plugin, you can view and simultaneously listen to my sheet music at the Score Exchange site. You can print the scores for some of my compositions for free, while others can be printed for a nominal price. In addition, parts for some of the pieces are available for printing.

Are you a musician? Would you like to perform a new composition, one written expressly for you or your ensemble? Contact me! It is a wonderful experience to play a brand new piece, one that is just the right duration and skill level for your performance. 

Your comments are appreciated!
Last updated on February 7, 2015